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Denver Dives

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Denver Dives


It was a seminal moment in my life when I discovered that the finest breakfast burrito in Denver was served at a place just down the street, across some railroad tracks, past a couple ominous warehouses, and starkly in the shadow of interstate 70, where you might see it when flying past going 65, but to do so would require driving off the shoulder.  After that, I decided to go Leonard Nemoy and go In Search Of Denver’s best dives. Since then, my quest has taken me to taverns where you have to push past the live band to get to the toilet, food trucks, restaurants with bullet holes in the windows, and hotels with mattresses in the parking lot.  My blog Denver Dives will give you all the gory details.

I write about food, drink, food and drink, business, and whatever else I find semi interesting and open to getting shredded by useless humor and sarcasm.  I also contribute to the blog experiencemelbourne.blogspot.com.  I am currently based in Melbourne, Australia.

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Vegas and Food

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Vegas and Food

I love to eat, I love to photograph food, I love to cook, and I love going to Las Vegas. My blog is all about the food I cook and I eat, mostly in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. When I started my blog, there weren’t many blogs that showed food photos, so I decided to post pictures of my food and that really got me into food photography.

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I’m Marco: an attorney by trade, a foodie by passion, and an Italophile by nature. Eating Salt Lake City is my way of celebrating the vibrant Salt Lake City food scene. Restaurant reviews abound, as well as profiles regarding local food artisans and events. Oh, and Trattoria Brown is always open, preparing classic Italian fare.

So, check out Salt Lake: the Crossroads of the West. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. And if you have a favorite restaurant or food artisan in Salt Lake, let me know. I’d love to check them out.

Follow Eating Salt Lake City on Twitter: @EatingSLC

And on the web: eatingsaltlake.blogspot.com

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Food is our passion.. sourcing ingredients, cooking and creating things in the kitchen *insert evil laughter* and of course the eating part! woohoos!

This blog is here mainly for my fellow foodies to put up all the good (and not so good) places to grab a bite with friends, special occasion places and of course, the hole in the wall and hidden culinary gems in the cities we live in, and travel to… and hopefully we can avoid the eateries that are pitiful and dine at ones where the chefs are amazing, service is awesome and of course – the food the food the food is center stage.

We review all restaurants anonymously to better maintain the integrity of the reviews and to keep them bias free. Sometimes we feel like we need the mission impossible theme playing in the background while we snap furtive photos.. thankfully there’s an increasing popularity of people doing food photo diaries *dootdoot dodo dootdoot dodoo..*

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Erin is perpetually hungry for food, travel, and adventure. After much encouragement from family and friends, she started her foodblog (http://www.cookiesandtomatoes.com/) in August 2010. She loves hiking, dragonboating, couch surfing, playing soccer, festival-hunting, climbing mountains, snowboarding, and travelling. She is passionate about exploring the world and will board an airplane, rev an engine, grab a portage pack, or stick out her thumb to hitch at a moment’s notice. You can follow her hunt for delicious food and adventure with her food maps.

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Damon Richard

My last name is Dick so when I make reservations I got tired of hearing, “excuse me?”, “repeat that”, “what was that name?”, etc. So, I made up a reservation name. I took my middle name Damon and changed Dick to Richard. I’ve now made reservations all over the world with no problem.

I can’t write and my spelling is a joke, so don’t judge – I already know. With my work taking me all over the world, and my love of food, friends started asking “where should I eat?”, so I thought I would keep up with the local places I find when traveling. I am not a food critic, just my take on my favorite places I find on the road. This is a blog for the traveler to enjoy some local food who are tired of Outback.

website: www.damonrichard.com
follow on facebook: Damon Richard/Reservations

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The Casual Cupboard

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Casual Cupboard


From recipes to kitchen fashion, The Casual Cupboard seeks to inspire creativity and community within the kitchen and around the dinner table. At The Casual Cupboard you will find the writings of Katie Jones, an electrical engineer, wife and mother of one, who’s respect for the power of the home cooked meal stems from her parents’ devotion to family dinners and her mother’s ability to make something from nothing.

Recipes from The Casual Cupboard are simple and mostly improvised, using ingredients from an average Jo’s pantry; I mean, who really has figs or fresh tarragon just lying around?  Other posts include thoughts on useful kitchen tools, aprons with panache and fabulous local dining experiences from the Pittsburgh area.

Always open to comment and suggestion, The Casual Cupboard is chasing guest writers for pieces from tailgate deep frying to decadent baked goods.  We will be honest, we have our shortcomings when it comes to sweet things…did you know that skipping that tiny teaspoon of baking powder will make your banana bread turn out like a brick?  Through the sharing of success and failure, The Casual Cupboard hopes to inspire you to get your hands dirty and try new things in your own kitchen, or get out and explore your neighborhood’s unique markets, restaurants and cafes.

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Lunch Blog KC

Top Blogger



Thrill to the mostly lowbrow yet sometimes inadvertently fancy culinary adventures of Robert Bishop and Matt Shaw. We’re two guys from Kansas City, and we like wings, barbecue, burgers, wings, tacos, wings, snacks, wings, wings and wings.

We once recreated 30 Rock’s Cheesy Blasters – a hot dog stuffed with jack cheese wrapped in a pizza. We’re also veterans of the Whatafarm, which is a Whataburger with everything plus a fried chicken breast, bacon, cheese and a fried egg. It’s totally delicious, and you should get one. Just make sure to visit Lunch Blog and print out our Whatafarm diagram first. It’ll save you some hassle.

And did we mention we like wings?

“Like” Lunch Blog KC on Facebook at facebook.com/lunchblogkc

Follow Robert on Twitter at twitter.com/robertbishopkc

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Love Your Dinner

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Blending together the passion of food enthusiasts with the ideals of local restauranteur. The “Love Your Dinner” blog and its forthcoming website is an entertainment resource based solely on the opinions of “Love Your Dinner” and its constituent members. Don’t forget to check our blog weekly because we are always searching for great restaurants and you definitely don’t want to miss out on our foodlicious finds! Bon Appétit, Y’all!

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Foodie Cuisine


There are few passions where more people benefit from the results than from cooking.  Whether you are a beginner or an expert, the food you cook can bring joy to a select few or thousands.  My blog is all about the passion of cooking and I hope you find a nugget of information which will help you bring joy to others.

I’ve been cooking since a very young age and love all things food. Cooking is my passion, my hobby, and my creative outlet for instant results. I’m an IT executive in the “real world,” where I run projects that last for months or even years.  With cooking I see immediate results and make adjustments quickly where necessary to correct mistakes.  In the end, my wife, kids, family, and friends all benefit from my cooking which gives me the most gratification.

FoodieCuisine.com is the #1 Blog in Arkansas on Urban Spoon, has received several blog awards and recently I founded Rock City Smokehouse, an online BBQ and local catering business.  I hope to hear from you soon.

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