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Quick and Easy Game Day Food!

Posted by Todd Barron under Top Foodie Blog
By Todd Barron @ FoodieCuisine.com I made some rather simple appetizers for the Arkansas Razorback Game yesterday.  Arkansas won 49-7! The hot wings are from the local grocery store. I poured Hooter’s Hot Wing Sauce over the top and broiled at 450 degrees F for about 5 minutes. I also baked some prepared stuffed jalapenos [...]


30 Rock’s Buffalo Chicken Shake

Posted by Robert under Top Foodie Blog
All that wingy deliciousness, now with significantly less of that annoying chewing.As previously mentioned, WGN America invited me to New York for a 30 Rock Superfan roundtable last month. However, they had an ulterior motive for extending an invitatio... [...]

Rating 7.5/10
We've passed by Pizzeria Prego numerous times on our way to Sushi Wasabi, as its in the same Lendrum strip mall complex. It wasn't until I heard that they not only serve gluten free pizzas (and the only place in Edmonton that does), but ones [...]


Five Star Pizza

Posted by Tampa Bay Food Monster under Top Foodie Blog
ARE YOU READY FOR SOME SHITTY PIZZA?? welcome to college, idiot. population: everyone. are you ready to not have any money, and eat what is basically the taste equivalent of dirt? you’d better be. because every night, for the rest of your college career, this will be your dinner: wow! five stars? that’s a lot [...]


Lee Roy Selmon’s Restaurant

Posted by Tampa Bay Food Monster under Top Foodie Blog
lee roy salmon… the man. the myth. the legend. he single-handedly took tampa bay and molded it into the lump of floridian half-pride that it is today. and then he died of a stroke. we honor his memory by eating the food he invented. in the year 2000, outback steakhouse had sex with lee roy, [...]


Favorite Etsy Finds: Wings!

Posted by Midwestern Belle under Top Foodie Blog
I’m driving across Kansas today, a free spirit with nothing on my calendar except horseback riding in the mountains on Saturday morning.  Hopefully as you read this I have my feet propped up on the dashboard, enjoying a little break from a crazy... [...]

Aberdeen Centre good eats!
During a recent vacation, we stopped by Aberdeen mall in Richmond, BC and we made a few stops.. not to shop, but to eat, drink and snack on a few tasty and inexpensive local favorites.

Wo Fung Desserts
Rating 9.5/10.  Now, we didn't come [...]

Every Sunday in Raleigh a critical decision is made by those who are either finishing their services at church, waking up from sleeping in, or recovering from Saturday night's debauchery (or possibly all three): where to have that glorious mid-day meal... [...]


Walsh’s Corner Cocktails

Posted by Robert under Top Foodie Blog
The shuffleboard is free. The beers aren’t much more.The worst answer you can get when you ask what the night’s drink specials are, is that there aren’t any. Unless your server follows that answer with these four beautiful words: “It’s all pr... [...]


Wing King

Posted by Tampa Bay Food Monster under Top Foodie Blog
“Great Food for Great People!!” is that so, wing king? king of wings? great food, for great people? well, even if what you’re selling can be considered ‘great food’, how can you guarantee your customers are ‘great people’? bad people like wings too. and, more importantly, what the hell kind of slogan is that?!? great [...]