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The breakfast I had this past Tuesday was the best I’ve had in a while. It was quite simply outstanding. What made it so gush-worthy? Lots… Keep reading… A couple of y’all have mentioned this place to us on Twitter and Facebook, and as it turns out, I already knew about this place, just not [...]


Vacation–Day Two

Posted by Alaina under Top Foodie Blog
Today was a glorious day in Charlotte. Jen had a busy day, so I was on my own for the afternoon. For breakfast, we had pumpkin Belgian waffles which were amazing! I topped mine with Greek yogurt, pumpkin butter and … Read more » [...]


Fried Chicken & Waffles

Posted by Peggy under Top Foodie Blog
I've always been intrigued by fried chicken and waffles.  I know it's wildly popular down South, but after doing a quick poll amongst co-workers, 90% of them looked at me like I was crazy, having never heard of such a blasphemous thing.But I tell ... [...]


Pumpkin Waffles

Posted by theminx under Top Foodie Blog
Last weekend was positively cold and the weather was a perfect excuse to break out the waffle iron and make some pumpkin-flavored waffles. I noticed that we had several apples in the crisper, some of which were starting to look elderly, so whipped up some apple compote with which to top the waffles. The apples are [...]


Hash House a Go Go

Posted by Gidget Eats under Restaurants, Top Foodie Blog
If you go to Hash House a Go Go and don’t leave stuffed, it’s your own dang fault. While in Las Vegas my brother suggested we try Hash House a Go Go and mentioned their reasonably priced, absurdly large portions. They advertise themselves as purveyors of twisted farm food, putting a spin on old standard [...]


Stairs and Waffles

Posted by Bianca Garcia under Restaurants, Top Foodie Blog
I spent last Saturday climbing some stairs and eating some waffles. Some 61 floors of stairs and some sweet Belgian waffles. Let me talk about the fun stuff first: authentic Belgian waffles right in Harvard Square. After almost a year of teasing us with the promise of some good quality waffles, Zinneken's is finally in business. [...]


Bento #212 – Waste Free Wednesday Mini Waffles & Mango

Posted by Emily @ Bentobloggy.com under Top Foodie Blog
This was yesterday's Waste Free Wednesday lunch - today she's getting a special bag lunch at school because they ran their Boosterthon Fun Run fundraiser this morning!  I cheered her on with the other parents in the middle of the ring t... [...]


Chicken and Waffles With a Twist

Posted by Eat Jxn under Top Foodie Blog
Downtown Café, located in downtown Jackson on Capitol Street, is really new to me. I had never heard of the place until they emailed us asking to come in and have lunch with them.  I love eating at new, off the wall Jackson area restaurants, so I was pretty excited about this particular one. Aubrey [...]


The Latest from Saus: Frikandel

Posted by Daisy under Top Foodie Blog
I am pretty positive my love for Saus has not gone unnoticed, but allow me to remind you just how much this Belgian street food cafe has won my affections with their authentic frites, leige waffles and poutine. {Exhibit 1, Exhibit 2, Exhibit 3} The wa... [...]

Recently, we decided to inaugurate some friends in the wonderful world of waffles.  What better place than Patisserie Lebeau?  Being the weekend, we made sure we went early and managed to find a table before the lineups started queuing out the door. They really should consider more seating inside – or at least, consider getting [...]