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There are many things that the university financial aid offices think you should do like :: Sell your house Sell off your property Sell a kidney Quit eating Cancel your insurance You know, they look at your income and think you have money and assets and therefore you should be able to pay for college [...]


Wing King

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“Great Food for Great People!!” is that so, wing king? king of wings? great food, for great people? well, even if what you’re selling can be considered ‘great food’, how can you guarantee your customers are ‘great people’? bad people like wings too. and, more importantly, what the hell kind of slogan is that?!? great [...]


Georgetown Spelling Error

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Sourced From: Georgetown Voice

Georgetown was in the news today, but for a glaring spelling error on their commencement book and not for their usual excellence.  As you can see above someone or multiple people missed the transposing of [...] [...]


Noodle n’ Thai

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i have long had fantasies about slurping crap noodles from a bowl in some awesome asian noodle shop. it’s a simple wish. i spent my first year in college living off of ramen, and i have nothing but fond memories of it. especially sapporo ichiban chow mein. my god. it is so. good. and it’s [...]


Taqueria Monterrey Mexican Grill

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the taco bus had a baby, and they named it taqueria monterrey. actually, it had two of them. but let’s focus on the younger, more attractive one. so much more full of life. not yet weighed down by the harsh realities of life. and so very sexy. taqueria monterrey mexican grill is tucked into a [...]