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Dia de los Muertos Dinner

Posted by Bianca Garcia under Restaurants, Top Foodie Blog
November 1 was Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. It is a Mexican holiday celebrated throughout Mexico and around the world, a day to honor family and friends who have passed away. In the Philippines, we celebrate the Catholic holiday of Todos los Santos, or All Saints' Day. [...]


Happy Halloween

Posted by Cheapeats under Top Foodie Blog


How to Balance Blogging with a Full Time Job

Posted by Bianca Garcia under Top Foodie Blog
Between blogging, my full time job as a media supervisor for an ad agency, being a grad student, running, hosting events, and maintaining an active social life, I feel like I'm doing a pretty decent job of managing my time. So if, like me, you’re also balancing blogging with a lot of other things, then [...]


Taco Mamacita, Ow Ow!

Posted by Christina under Top Foodie Blog
Yeah, that onomatopoeia was probably unnecessary but I just drank a bunch of coffee. On Sunday, Matt and I decided to continue our church hopping (chopping) adventures. We last went to Seacoast, which was a bit more contemporary than we like, but they ... [...]


Guacamole and a Mystery Meet Dinner Next Week

Posted by Bianca Garcia under Top Foodie Blog
Today let's talk about two things: how to make guacamole, and a Mystery Meet dinner next week. First, guacamole. Avocados are one of my very favorite foods. I love it sliced in sandwiches, chopped in salads, scrambled with eggs and cheese, mixed with mayonnaise in tuna salad, churned into sweet ice cream, topped with condensed milk, [...]


Tequila at Mija

Posted by Bianca Garcia under Top Foodie Blog
Remember when Turtle was trying to do business with Avion? Well, Avion tequila is REAL, and it is GOOD. I was able to try it for the first time at Mija last week. Now for those of you who think I'm speaking in tongues (Turtle? Avion? Mija?) I assure you that I can explain, and that I [...]


Tequila and Lime Coleslaw

Posted by Down Home Foodie under Top Foodie Blog
One Tequila Two Tequila Three Tequila . . . Coleslaw This is a coleslaw with a lot of tang and not for the faintof heart.  Because the tequila and thelime give it so much bite, I do have to break my “no mayo” rule and balancehalf Greek yogurt ... [...]


NYC Cocktail Week 2011

Posted by Cheapeats under Top Foodie Blog
  Cocktail Week has hit NYC and the place to be is Pranna. Visit them until June 29th between 8-10pm for their Cocktail Week Menu. Enjoy 2 cocktails plus an appetizer for $20.11. Cheers!!!!   Happiness, $25 and under. [...]


Sam’s Patio Party

Posted by Daisy under Top Foodie Blog
With prime waterfront property on Fan Pier, Sam's located at 60 Northern Avenue inside the Louis Boston building has a lot to offer, beginning and certainly not ending with exceptionally breathtaking views. Weaving through a construction ridden parking... [...]


Cupcakes, Truffles, and… Tequila?

Posted by Bianca Garcia under Top Foodie Blog
Remember Cupcake Camp? That is where I first encountered the mini beauty that is the white velvet cupcake from The Chocolate Tarte. Yes you read that right: a white velvet cupcake. It was made with a velvet cake (just like red velvet but without the red dye) and luscious buttercream frosting. I've been thinking about [...]