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On a sunshine-y weekend, we headed off in search of some local favorites, and we weren't looking in vain when we stopped off for some Serious Coffee and pastries at the Dutch Bakery!Serious CoffeeYup, they take their coffee seriously. Only available o... [...]

Rating Service 9/10, Food 9/10
Been craving Shanghai 456's tasty xiao long bao and potstickers, so we round up the crew (and my family) for dimsum style dishes alongside traditional Shanghainese cuisine. The unpretentious decor hasn't changed and neither has the badly translated menu, but there is something [...]

Rating 8/10Tucked into a little basement suite, this little frozen yogurt franchise takes a bit of finding. Look for their little sign! Once you enter, there is a small window seating area, and stairs leading down into the bright and airy main pastel... [...]

Rating 7.0/10Following our noses, we stop off at Haultain Fish and Chips for a quick fish and chips snack. The locales like it, and upon their recommendation, our little troupe headed on over to this weathered and homey restaurant that had the look an... [...]

Rating Food 8.5/10, Service 9/10We were hankering for some Chinese food with relatives in town (and in tow), we head down to the east side of the city to try a place some of our Asian friends have recommended. On the outside, the garish yellow signs p... [...]


Deal Alert: CiCis Pizza and Italia Pizza & Fire Grill

Posted by Spicy Hawaiian under Top Foodie Blog
Came across two pizza deals today: CiCi's Pizza in Cherry Hill and Levittown on LivingSocial Never been, but their commercials do make me hungry. Of course, most pizza commercials do. For $15 (regularly $32), you and three friends (or family members... [...]

Rating 7/10
After hearing all the hype, we finally head downtown to Tres Carnales Taqueria to try their tacos... after I saw a picture of their guacamole. We've heard lots of talk about this Taqueria... some have raved about it, while others have found it while trendy, its [...]

Aberdeen Centre good eats!
During a recent vacation, we stopped by Aberdeen mall in Richmond, BC and we made a few stops.. not to shop, but to eat, drink and snack on a few tasty and inexpensive local favorites.

Wo Fung Desserts
Rating 9.5/10.  Now, we didn't come [...]

Rating Food 6.5/10
Intrigued by this franchise chain from the US, we stop off in Airdrie to try Five Guys. There's a few locations peppering Alberta now, soon to be two in Calgary, and one up in Sherwood Park, but since we were driving up to Edmonton from Calgary, the [...]

Rating Service 8/10, Food 9/10
With our new camera in hand (this is one of the times we actually remember to bring it along) we head to our favourite Japanese family run sushi joint in town, and we're not disappointed. The place is a bustling despite our late [...]