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Love, Loss, and Spaghetti

Posted by Bianca Garcia under Top Foodie Blog
Last year, I had my heart broken twice. First, when my boyfriend and I broke up. And second, when my beloved grandfather (my lolo) died shortly after. I didn’t know how to deal with it. I didn’t know how to mourn. I didn’t want to mourn. So I kept myself busy - so busy that I [...]


Sriracha Spaghettini Aglio Olio

Posted by Bianca Garcia under Top Foodie Blog
Yes, you read that right: Sriracha Spaghettini. Sriracha might just be my favorite condiment ever. And spaghettini? Well you know that I love me some pasta. And little baby teeny versions of anything. (I giggle just by saying spaghettini because it sounds so cute!) I know that sriracha is a strong flavor already, so I decided [...]

One day I come home at midnight and found I was locked out of my apartment and there was nothing we could do about it.  There was the useless locksmith who never came and then the one that advertises their services for $25 and then asked for $250 ... [...]


A Mediterrasian Soup

Posted by theminx under Top Foodie Blog
Some years ago, when the restaurant Ixia opened on Charles Street, then-chef Edward Kim offered a dish he called a Sriracha chile bouillabaisse. A wonderfully spicy red seafood broth topped by a piece of crisply fried red snapper, the dish made such an... [...]


Homemade Sushi Rolls

Posted by Peggy under Top Foodie Blog
I've got a surprise for you guys!What, you ask?!  Our engagement pictures are done!  And I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE them!  Our photographer Adam did such an amazing job!  If you want to check them out, head on over to his site and ... [...]


Food Trucks at Let’s Talk About Food

Posted by Bianca Garcia under Top Foodie Blog
It all started with a warm, crusty, toasted baguette. I love French bread - especially with sweet, creamy butter - but lately, every time I see a baguette I start craving Vietnamese food. I keep thinking of the banh mi sandwich - equally French and Vietnamese. A fresh baguette filled with pork and pate and pickled veggies. [...]


Chicharon Cone, Pork Belly Snow, Sriracha Salt

Posted by ericriveracooks under Food, Top Foodie Blog
Eric   Filed under: Pork Tagged: Chicharon, Cooking Blog, Dinner, Food, Pork Belly, recipe, Sriracha [...]


The Sriracha Projects

Posted by ericriveracooks under Food, Top Foodie Blog
My lemongrass crystal turned out to be amazing so I decided to step up my “crystal” game a little more by this time doing a sriracha crystal which will be ready in about 3 weeks. Here is a picture of the lemongrass crystal. I wanted to do something else with sriracha so I am infusing [...]