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Tangy Grilled Pork Chops

Posted by Stacey under Top Foodie Blog
With Halloween only a few days away, I know you all must be frantically putting together awesome costumes for yourselves and your kiddaroos.  This year is the first year that Jack has been able to ... [...]


Brunch With The Boys

Posted by Christina under Top Foodie Blog
Last Thursday and Friday I was siiiiiiiick. It felt like I had strep throat mixed with the flu. Thankfully, by Saturday morning, I was back to life and ready to EAT! Two of my good guy friends from my old gym, Justin and Noah, suggested that we go to P... [...]


Madison: Ye Olde Colonial Restaurant

Posted by Marilyn Wolf under Top Foodie Blog
Rev. Beth suggested Madison as a cute town to visit, explaining that Sherman didn't burn it. She also recommended the restaurant in the old bank building. "You can even eat in the vault" was the kicker for me. You can see here my table in the old ba... [...]


A Night In Jacob’s Kitchen

Posted by Annabel Jones under Top Foodie Blog
The bar had been set highbefore I even walked through the front door of Jacob’s Kitchen, the southernrestaurant located at 148 Civitas Street in I’On. I called earlier in the dayto make a reservation. “Are we celebrating anything this evening? Gi... [...]


Deviled Ham

Posted by Stacey under Top Foodie Blog
Whew!  We made it through the birthday party!  It was great!  I’ve got another post coming up today with the some of the details, so y’all stay tuned on that.  I’ve got a quick little ... [...]


Sunday Funday

Posted by Christina under Top Foodie Blog
In case you missed it, I had quite the blog failure of a weekend. Sunday was a much better day. I slept in later than normal, but woke up just in time to get ready for church. We had a very special speaker today. Tim Scott! That was a nice surprise. He... [...]

This recipe isn’t for cornbread, but since this cake is cooked in a cast iron skillet and comes out looking like cornbread, today’s story is about cornbread.  Now, I don’t think I’ve told y’all this ... [...]


Pimento Cheese

Posted by Stacey under Food, Top Foodie Blog
When I think about sandwiches and the South, I automatically think about pimento cheese.  This iconic Southern menu item is great slathered between two pieces of soft white bread, piled onto a stalk of celery, ... [...]


Boo Fries and a Great Big THANK YOU!

Posted by Stacey under Food, Top Foodie Blog
I’ve got a special little dish to share with y’all today.  It’s not really a recipe, per se.  It’s something that I grew up eating, thinking that we were the only people alive who ate ... [...]


Mom’s Peach Cobbler

Posted by Stacey under Food, Top Foodie Blog
So yesterday was National Eat a Peach Day!  And in true Stacey fashion I’m a day late and a dollar short.  But, this recipe is outstanding no matter what day it’s posted. A few weekends ago, ... [...]