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Along a brick sidewalk that weaves down a quaint New England street bordering a historic port studded with industrial fishing boats, sits a mustard yellow barn door with thin black metal hinges, adorned with a handsome slate sign. Complimentary element... [...]


Mia’s Pizzas

Posted by Brett under Top Foodie Blog
While there are several pizza parlors in Bethesda, there are only three we would definitely recommend: Vace, Pizzeria Da Marco, and Mia's Pizzas. We have been to Mia's several times and it has been solidly consistent on each and every visit. [...]

I'm always trying to incorporate foods that fight inflammation to ward off some of Scleroderma's nasty effects. Beets have a high mineral content, are a unique source of phytonutrients, and have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and detoxification prope... [...]

Fresh PomegranateDid you know that November is National Pomegranate Month? To kick off this frigid Monday morning, here's a round-up of pomegranate-related posts that celebrate this beautiful and delicious winter fruit!Bowl of Fresh Pomegranate ArilsRe... [...]


Path – Norfolk VA

Posted by Laine and Alex under Top Foodie Blog
One of my favorite sayings is ‘[insert action here] seemed like a good idea at the time’. This applies to life so frequently, as it did for our experience at Path. Laine and I were pretty excited to try this newer place, a 100% vegan restaurant in ... [...]


New Eats in Kendall Square: Catalyst

Posted by Daisy under Top Foodie Blog
The former chef of 28 Degrees and Aujourd'hui is serving up locally sourced modern American cuisine inside a once vacant warehouse turned casually elegant dining space at 300 Technology Square. William Kovel's Catalyst warmly welcomes guests with a tw... [...]


Renzo’s Argentine Steakhouse

Posted by Tampa Bay Food Monster under Top Foodie Blog
alright dude, this is it – time to impress. take a shower. put on that semi-nice shirt. pull out that invitation to that classy gourmet restaurant. and get ready to get laid. you know you’re gonna get some… you fancy as hell and people be buying you shit left and right. this is the life [...]


Summer Lunch Series Part 11: Blue Inc.

Posted by Daisy under Top Foodie Blog
It would appear that I have some unfinished business to attend to. Once upon a time when it was summer, I had Friday's off from work and I went out to lunch! You remember those days? Long gone are they now, but not forgotten. I can't start something an... [...]


The Lizard, Located in Prince Books

Posted by Laine and Alex under Top Foodie Blog
 Last Wednesday's lunchtime outting led Alex and I back to the Lizard Cafe. There is something innately cozy about a cafe in a book store.  On this particular day the cafe was unusally quiet and uncrowded. Perfect! A peaceful sabatical from w... [...]


219 An American Bistro, Norfolk, VA

Posted by Laine and Alex under Top Foodie Blog
Alex and I probably go to 219 once or twice a month and our friend Brianna tags along on most of these trips. 219 is a solid Granby Street restaurant. The food is always good. Always. The prices are very reasonable and their specials are downright... [...]