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Black Trumpet Bistro

Posted by traveleatlove under Food, Restaurants, Top Foodie Blog
Our Boston blogger trip to Portsmouth brought us on a fun and food-filled journey that ended in dinner at the highly acclaimed Black Trumpet Bistro. I didn’t know much about the bistro except for the fact that at the Hood Dairy Challenge in 2010, Michelle and I got to taste food made by Chef Evan [...]


Bella Notte at Aragosta

Posted by traveleatlove under Food, Restaurants, Top Foodie Blog
Boston has a new girls’ night out, and it’s at the Fairmont Battery Wharf’s recently opened Aragosta. Bella Notte Thursdays offer Boston ladies the chance to get together over cocktails and appetizers. Drink and food pairings are just $20, and they give groups of food-loving women the chance to mix and match from their carefully [...]


75 Chestnut

Posted by traveleatlove under Food, Restaurants, Top Foodie Blog
Cozy Beacon Hill spot 75 Chestnut made the perfect location for a friend’s recent birthday celebration. The food and company were so good that I forgot to take photos. Still, I thought our wonderful dining experience was more than worth sharing. And it was definitely worth repeating again and again. Tucked away on a quaint [...]


The Brahmin, Boston

Posted by traveleatlove under Restaurants, Top Foodie Blog
New restaurants seem to be popping up everywhere in Boston, but especially in the Back Bay area. I might just be a little bitter that when I worked in the area we definitely did not have such a selection, but I will have to get over it and make the trek to the area to [...]



Posted by traveleatlove under Food, Restaurants, Top Foodie Blog
I can’t believe how much we got out of our very short trip to Quebec’s Eastern Townships! Truly, there is so much concentrated in a small area that we were able to experience the area in two days without feeling rushed or tired. Except for that panicked late afternoon drive into a hurricane, of course. [...]


Restauranteers Spotlight: Barking Frog

Posted by Dinah under Restaurants
The “Restauranteers Spotlight” is a new feature in which we finally stop bogarting all the best restaurants in Seattle and start sharing the real goodies with our fellow Restauranteers. As the elementary saying goes, “sharing is caring” and gosh, we surely do care where our friends and family are dining at. We hope by introducing [...]


Alice Waters and Her 40-Year Food Romance

Posted by Michelle Heng under Food, News, Restaurants
Food activist, author, restaurateur, and chef Alice Waters is, and has become the people’s champion in the food world among many other things. Coming from very humble beginnings, without any formal culinary training, Waters was just a girl with a love for French cuisine and culture, who started with a passion and focus for local, [...]


Soulfire BBQ

Posted by traveleatlove under Food, Restaurants, Top Foodie Blog
Since moving out of the area years and years ago, I rarely ever head back to my old post-college neighborhood of Allston. This past Wednesday, however, a client I have been working on Public Relations and Social Media with, Good Parent, Inc. held an event at the Allston-Honan branch of the Boston Public Library. If [...]

You may or may have not noticed lately but there’s been an influx of airplane tickets to Spain. People as we speak are probably taking helicopters, chartering boats, hopping on blimps (yes, blimps!) and even swimming across the Atlantic (but not really), just to find any possible way to get over there. So why all [...]

One of the frequent topics of conversation that comes up when dining out is how much to tip your server. If you have ever worked in the food or hospitality industry, you may already be groaning. You are groaning because at one point in time, and perhaps several times after that, you had received a [...]