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Coma Inducing Southern Style Skillet Gnocchi

Posted by Tender Branson under Top Foodie Blog
For people or kids new to a language, idioms can be a bitch. These tiny phrases are rooted with figurative meanings that must be learned just like any other piece of vocabulary. Ask someone who is new to the language to draw a picture of a “a chip on your shoulder” and you will undoubtedly [...]

Along a brick sidewalk that weaves down a quaint New England street bordering a historic port studded with industrial fishing boats, sits a mustard yellow barn door with thin black metal hinges, adorned with a handsome slate sign. Complimentary element... [...]


Love, Loss, and Spaghetti

Posted by Bianca Garcia under Top Foodie Blog
Last year, I had my heart broken twice. First, when my boyfriend and I broke up. And second, when my beloved grandfather (my lolo) died shortly after. I didn’t know how to deal with it. I didn’t know how to mourn. I didn’t want to mourn. So I kept myself busy - so busy that I [...]


Butternut Squash Lasagna

Posted by kitchenmisfit under Top Foodie Blog
Since starting school and a new job, I’ve been planning meals that I can make that last for a LONG.TIME. Because a quarter of the time I’m at work/school, another quarter I’m working on projects for school, yet another quarter of the time I’m running around trying to get other errands and stuff done, and [...]


44 and X

Posted by Lady T under Restaurants, Top Foodie Blog
I haven’t seen Z since our delicious trip to MV. Since too much time had passed by, we met for dinner at 44 and X.  They are mixing Roman numerals with Arabic numerals so that X is read tenth, in case you don’t know where they’re loc... [...]


The Wooden Table

Posted by therockymountainoyster under Top Foodie Blog
Our insatiable desire for delicious food brought us to the Wooden Table in Greenwood Village for a recent dinner. The Wooden Table is an Italian restaurant that opened just this past September, and it lies sandwiched between a couple of other shop... [...]


Take Out of the Week: Amerigo To-Go

Posted by Eat Jxn under Food, Top Foodie Blog
The Patty Peck Honda Take Out of the Week this week is from Amerigo Italian Restaurant! Amerigo Italian Restaurant in Ridgeland This Italian eatery is a Jackson (or should I say Ridgeland?) favorite, and for good reason. I’ve eaten there three times in the past month, and my love for this place continues to grow. [...]


Bella Note Thursdays | Aragosta

Posted by Daisy under Top Foodie Blog
Presenting Bella Note Thursdays at Aragosta Bar + Bistro; where from 5:30 - 10 pm ladies can enjoy a drink and an appetizer paring for $20. The Fairmont Battery Wharf 's signature restaurant kindly put together a preview of the event for Lin, Meghan, E... [...]


Deck on Melange

Posted by admin under Top Foodie Blog
In a rare deviation from the norm, I decided to make a small departure from my Michael Symon influenced wishlist of Cleveland restaurants and venture out on my own. Well, not entirely on my own. I pulled up UrbanSpoon and checked the “Talk of the Town” list for something that looked interesting, yet was close [...]

Full Disclosure: I received a this pasta sauce for free through the Foodbuzz Tastemakers Program.  Even though they paid for it, these are completely my own opinions. I love pasta.  Have I mentioned this before? As a kid, I pretty much lived off of macaroni and cheese.  As I grew up, and my tastes expanded, [...]