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Butternut Squash Lasagna

Posted by kitchenmisfit under Top Foodie Blog
Since starting school and a new job, I’ve been planning meals that I can make that last for a LONG.TIME. Because a quarter of the time I’m at work/school, another quarter I’m working on projects for school, yet another quarter of the time I’m running around trying to get other errands and stuff done, and [...]

By Todd Barron @ FoodieCuisine.com I wanted some eggs this morning and did not want the calories associated with Eggs Benedict or other heavy breakfast items.  I broke out my trusty portable inductor burner and started a water bath for poached eggs. To poach eggs you simply fill a skillet to one inch from the [...]


Rainbow Leaf Chips

Posted by Emily @ Bentobloggy.com under Top Foodie Blog
If you think that this picture is of a prop from Swamp Beast, you would be mistaken (a little?)  Nope, these are leaf chips, and you can make them from just about any hardy leafy veg.  I happened to have a bunch of organic rainbow chard ... [...]


Spaghetti with Home-made Tomato Sauce

Posted by Manju under Top Foodie Blog
Its been a while but things have been busy, so let’s leave it at that! Its gonna get even busier when I take off to India in a week. I have plans of documenting, taking pictures and blogging about all the delicious food I am going to eat there [...]


Asparagus Cheese Tart

Posted by Manju under Top Foodie Blog
  This is probably one of the single most delicious, filling and easiest side that you can make for a weeknight dinner. It even tastes great as a leftover for lunch the next day (it may get a little soggy, but still very tasty). Have I told you th... [...]

Sauce less pastas – they are my current favorite! They are as easy to make as pasta with any sauce and I see a lot more creativity coming in when I make these. Maybe its just because I am not that good at making pasta sauces. Whatever the reason... [...]