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Oysters with David Burke…Fishtail

Posted by thehalfshell under Top Foodie Blog
As part of our monthly girls night out, we decided to take advantage of the newest addition to Savored and dine at the lavish Fishtail by David Burke. A townhouse turned restaurant, this bi-level domain has set itself in the higher rankings of New York City epicurean experiences. Following the [...] [...]



Posted by theminx under Top Foodie Blog
My family has been going to Razorback's since they opened in Canton in the 90s. Now in Towson, they're far more conveniently-located and Mr Minx and I usually end up there once a year or so; it's a good place to hide out during the mayhem that is Halloween. Especially since Ukazoo books and Fresh [...]


Celebrating a Year of Oysters…Aquagrill

Posted by thehalfshell under Top Foodie Blog
Although we seldom need a reason to eat oysters, there are those special occasions that make our indulgences that much more memorable. Last Thursday marked exactly one year since we launched TheOysterBlog. An idea that came about over a hearty helping of happy hour oysters at The Mermaid Oyster Bar [...] [...]


A West Coast Oyster Tribute…Upstate

Posted by thehalfshell under Top Foodie Blog
Although the myth that oysters should only be eaten during the months ending with the letter R has long been rejected, they do tend to be at their best during this time of year. As they prepare for the cold winter ahead, they plump up in meatiness, making them extra [...] [...]

We were a bit disappointed recently when we stopped by Dockside Restaurant around 11am for lunch only to find out that their lunch menu didn’t start until 11:30am.  Not really feeling in the mood for breakfast, we stayed for a quick bite and then headed down to The Sandbar afterwards for the lunch we were hoping [...]

Rating Service 8/10, Food 8.5/10For a family brunch, we head to The Pointe, a restaurant tucked inside the quaint and award winning Wickaninnish Inn - it not only provides a panoramic view of the ocean, they use only locally sourced ingredients from Vi... [...]


Catching with Oysters in the Meatpacking…Catch

Posted by thehalfshell under Top Foodie Blog
Slightly difficult to find, but definitely worth the effort, Catch brings a taste of freshness to the trendy restaurant scene in the Meatpacking district of New York City. Located on the second floor above an oversized Sephora, it is a simple elevator ride away from anchorage to a menu of [...] [...]


Bubbles and Biceps at Legal Seafoods

Posted by Bianca Garcia under Top Foodie Blog
A few weeks ago, I received an invitation to attend the Legal Harborside: Bivalves and Bubbles event. My first instinct was to say no. I'm allergic to oysters, after all. But... I'm not allergic to champagne. And... I'm certainly not allergic to naked cowboys. (Actually, just one Naked Cowboy. He was the guest of honor. And [...]

A celebration fit for a king, at least one that likes oysters, we kicked of a weekend birthday extravaganza at none other than the holy grail of oyster dining in New York City, Aquagrill. Incomparable to any, this restaurant holds majority real estate in our oyster loving hearts, and was [...] [...]


O Ya Grand Omakase Chef’s Tasting

Posted by Daisy under Top Foodie Blog
Preceded by its upstanding reputation and precluded by a hefty price tag; the buzz hasn't let up since it opened in March of 2007, and my desire to visit has only grown stronger all the while. As good fortune combined with a little hard work and dedica... [...]