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A park, a flea market and a bullfight round out the top things to see and do while visiting Spain's capital city. In five days we managed to fit in all the rest and then some, without sacrificing the other things that make vacation and time away from w... [...]


Silent Madrid | Graffiti to Grand Via

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Chocolatería San Ginés

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Above all others, I had one dish that I absolutely, positively, 100% had to consume while in Madrid. Forget the jamon, olives, manchego and patatas, Chocolate con Churros were it. On one particularly late night (or perhaps, I should call it an early mo... [...]


Madrid Nightlife | Plaza Santa Ana

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After a long day of sightseeing in Madrid, a couple hours rest back at the hotel did wonders. With a brief respite from the city, we felt refreshed and eager to take on the nightlife just outside our hotel doorstep! The happening scene around Plaza San... [...]


Madrid Museums | "Is That One Famous?"

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In Madrid I was captivated by not only by the Palace, the Plazas and the food, but as well by the works of great artists showcased among a number of renowned museums. Art lovers and those otherwise inclined venture south of Puerta del Sol to the area o... [...]


Madrid | Eat Like a Local

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Our time spent eating out in Madrid was defined by humble tapas bars as opposed to high end dining rooms. Before departing we were fortunate enough to receive restaurant recommendations from a co-workers niece who resides in the city. Having a locals i... [...]

Spain's cosmopolitan capital city warmly embraces travelers with famed sights, cultural highlights, a rich history, and the bustle and beauty of its streets and plazas. Madrid is Europe's fifth largest city, home to a population of just over 3 million.... [...]


The Thrill of Travel | 17 Days in Spain

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"Travel fosters a deep appreciation of both the world at large and what waits for us back at home" - Tim PattersonIt all began on the afternoon of Tuesday, September 6th. We exchanged our dollars for euros, double checked that we had our passports and ... [...]


Saludos de Madrid

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Greetings from Madrid! hola y sábado feliz!Just checking in to say hello and happy Saturday! (At least, I hope that's what that says.) Any exciting plans this weekend? I think I'll hit up a few tapas bars and take in a bullfight. How is the weather ba... [...]


Hola España!

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Hello Spain!We've officially touched down in the capital city of Madrid!While I am away on what should prove to be a spectacular end of summer European vacation, you can expect a series of previously scheduled posts here and there to keep the inspirati... [...]