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Earlier in the week I mentioned that Ultimate Chicken Bistro was set to open this coming Monday, November 14th.  Fortunately, I walked in today and found out the soft opening will be delayed a week.  So please don’t stop by this Monday folks.  Instead, mark your calendars for November 21st.  More updates to come should there [...]


Momofuku Ssam Bar Duck Dinner

Posted by Fritos and Foie Gras under Top Foodie Blog
Going to Momofuku Ssam Bar is kind of like going to your high school reunion. Even though you know what to expect and will see all the same old familiar faces, you still have expectations, want to look good and  go with friends.And, chances are, y... [...]

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Honey Pig

Posted by Paul under Restaurants, Top Foodie Blog
Oh Honey Pig, how I have spent many and I mean many drunken nights devouring your fantastic Bulgogi and Kimchi. With that said it must be pretty obvious that I love this place. Honey Pig is located in Annandale, VA and has long been one of my favorite late night eating spots.  Most of the [...]


Ultimate Chicken Bistro

Posted by Van under Restaurants, Top Foodie Blog
Earlier last month I spotted Sang Moon’s soon to be open “Ultimate Chicken Bistro“.  Well a month has passed and we now see an official sign on the plaza strip.  Most recently, I even caught up with Sang to pick his brain on what diners shoud expect from Ultimate Chicken.  According to the franchisee owner, [...]


Korea House

Posted by Eric and Katie under Top Foodie Blog
Nashville Restaurants and Food Korea House 6410 Charlotte Pike Nashville 615-352-2790 Facebook Page We spend much of our time on this blog scouting out the new restaurants in Nashville. Every now and then we try and add some joints that have been turn... [...]



Up, Up and Buffet!

Posted by Kimberly under Restaurants, Top Foodie Blog
  With the motto C.R.E.A.M. (Crablegs Rule Everything Around Me) engraved in my mind, I have spent the latter half of my formative years scouting the area for the best buffets in the DC area.  Below, I break down the best places in the area to chow down. Korshi - Korshi is a standout from [...]


Base Eat + Drink

Posted by Mimimoza under Restaurants, Top Foodie Blog
 Last summer, I often came to E-Hwa for late night snacks, particularly for their delicious yangnyum chicken.  This year, the restaurant has changed to Base Eat + Drink.  It was completely transformed into a lot cleaner, more modern izak... [...]

I’m not sure why the ratings for Jang Mo Jib in Aberdeen are so low.  The prices are a little expensive, but most Korean places tend to be slightly higher in price and the serving size you get with their lunch special boxes is pretty good. The Chicken Bool Go Gee lunch box comes with chicken [...]


House of Tofu Soup hits the spot

Posted by Mimimoza under Restaurants, Top Foodie Blog
 As a second branch from its original location in Coquitlam, House of Tofu Soup, given its name, has a reputation for its savoury sundubu jiggae.  I always passed by this restaurant along Garden City road and it never once caught my attention... [...]

Meok Ja Gol (or MJG as it is sometimes called) is the epitome of a hole-in-the-wall restaurant.  You can see the back of the restaurant from Kingsway, next to a gas station.  The actual main entrance is on Newton Street, next to a “massage parlor”. Inside the restaurant is very typical of many Korean restaurants [...]