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Big Orange in Little Rock

Posted by Todd Barron under Top Foodie Blog
By Todd Barron @ FoodieCuisine.com Big Orange is a burger/salad/shakes restaurant which opened very recently in the Promenade shopping center on Chenal Parkway in Little Rock, AR.  The owners of the restaurant also own Zaza’s Pizza in Little Rock, among other places, and indicates to me they plan to make Big Orange a chain (since [...]


Gourmet Montreal

Posted by traveleatlove under Food, Top Foodie Blog
  Our recent trip to the Eastern Townships of Quebec was to also include a visit to a city that we both love, Montréal , but time, and later, Hurricane Irene, both prevented that part of our journey. We have both visited Montréal twice in the past. I made the obligatory college journey to go to [...]


Event Wrap-Up: Munchathon 2011 – Irvine, CA

Posted by Saturday Night Foodies under Top Foodie Blog
Today was the first ever Munchathon in Orange County.  This was a unique two part event.  The first part of the day was a 5K fun walk that had a wide variety of food and drink stations along the way.  The second part was a gourmet food truck gathe... [...]


The Rathskeller

Posted by Erin under Top Foodie Blog
   We went to The Rathskeller a couple of weeks ago after we had been indulging for a few hours at the Brew Ha Ha.  For those of you who don't know, the Brew Ha Ha was a beer tasting festival that took place downtown around the Mass Ave ... [...]


It’s a Holiday Feeding Frenzy!

Posted by Erin under Top Foodie Blog
   Happy early 4th everyone!  I know I am really looking forward to a nice holiday weekend with friends and lots of food.  I think I can only think of one "person" who may not be...and that's our pup, Bugsy.  He's not such a bi... [...]

Way back at the beginning of this year when I worked downtown at IDL Worldwide, I always passed these two lovely looking carts that were located on West Burnside and NW 4th Ave. One of them was Gaufre Gourmet. Sadly, … Continue reading [...]

Well, hello!  Hope you all had a nice Easter weekend.  Hubs had Friday off, so we got our weekend festivities started early.  We spent the day hunting down reclaimed barn wood that my handy hubbers is going to build a bed with!!  Ye... [...]


Peking Gourmet Inn

Posted by Welts under Food, Restaurants, Top Foodie Blog
In 1978, Eddie Tsui wanted to open a restaurant specializing in unique northern Chinese cuisine. After deciding on Peking Duck as the specialty, Peking Gourmet Inn was born. Realizing that store-bought ingredients were not adequate to ... [...]