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One of our favorite chicken dishes in the Jackson area comes from a place you might not expect. The restaurant home of this wonderful dish is probably better known for its steak or fish, but this chicken certainly deserves a nod! [...]

These five items are just a sample of all the new items available at The Mermaid Cafe, so be sure you get out there soon try something new for yourself! Sound off in the comments for a chance to win your own trip to The Mermaid Cafe to try one of their new menu items! [...]


Magnolia Blossom Cafe

Posted by Gidget Eats under Restaurants, Top Foodie Blog
One perk to living in Mississippi is leaving town. Meaning, we are very close to New Orleans, the Gulf Coast and the beach. Yes, it’s one of those backhanded compliments like, “You drive so well, for being an Asian!” or “Those pants make you look so skinny!”. Take it for what it’s worth. In October [...]

  I'm a feen for fried chicken, really good fried chicken.  For some reason the KFC in Asia is amazing for that, I think it's the seasoning and the batter that makes a difference.  Meanwhile, I consider the quality of Canadian KFC n... [...]


Fried Chicken & Waffles

Posted by Peggy under Top Foodie Blog
I've always been intrigued by fried chicken and waffles.  I know it's wildly popular down South, but after doing a quick poll amongst co-workers, 90% of them looked at me like I was crazy, having never heard of such a blasphemous thing.But I tell ... [...]


Cafe Reconcile V. Liberty’s Kitchen

Posted by Jenny Sklar under Top Foodie Blog
For my newest OffBeat article, Good Deed on a Dime at Liberty’s Kitchen and Cafe Reconcile, I decided to have a philanthropic twist in honor of the recent Jewish Holiday: Yom Kippur, aka the day of repentence dun dun dun.... So of course in my v... [...]


Hash House a Go Go

Posted by Gidget Eats under Restaurants, Top Foodie Blog
If you go to Hash House a Go Go and don’t leave stuffed, it’s your own dang fault. While in Las Vegas my brother suggested we try Hash House a Go Go and mentioned their reasonably priced, absurdly large portions. They advertise themselves as purveyors of twisted farm food, putting a spin on old standard [...]


Chicken and Waffles With a Twist

Posted by Eat Jxn under Top Foodie Blog
Downtown Café, located in downtown Jackson on Capitol Street, is really new to me. I had never heard of the place until they emailed us asking to come in and have lunch with them.  I love eating at new, off the wall Jackson area restaurants, so I was pretty excited about this particular one. Aubrey [...]


Bon Chon Gives Me Meat Sweats

Posted by Tri under Top Foodie Blog
A different take from Veronica’s post a couple of years ago… Met up with some friends for some good ‘ole fashion Korean fried chicken in Annandale. Being that this was their first experience, I decided to order a large (20 pieces) and a medium (12 pieces) of mixed flavors (soy garlic & spicy) wings 1-hr [...]

The Patty Peck Honda Take-Out of the Week this week is a good one! Two Sisters Kitchen in downtown Jackson was the place and past my regular lunchtime was the time. Needless to say, I was hungry when I rolled into the parking lot at Two Sisters. Since this post is all about take-out, I [...]