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The Ultimate Tailgate Party

Posted by traveleatlove under Food, Restaurants, Top Foodie Blog
Lovin’ Spoonfuls Ultimate Tailgate Party at Sam’s at Louis this past Sunday night was an event to remember . . . and one I could have rolled out of. There was so.much.food. And it was all made by some of the Boston area’s greatest chefs for this tailgate themed, fundraising extravaganza. I love Lovin’ Spoonfuls [...]


Old Fashioned – The Perfect Cocktail

Posted by Evan Halperin under Top Foodie Blog
At some point in the past year or so, I’ve gotten more into different types of cocktails. Normally the most adventurous drink I’d ever consider, aside from beer, would be simple liquors like rum or vodka mixed with a single mixer, like … finish reading Old Fashioned – The Perfect Cocktail

Old Fashioned – The Perfect Cocktail is a [...]



Toronto: Downtown: Guu Izakaya

Posted by Arielle under Top Foodie Blog
FA Rating: FFF I don't know if the enthusiasm level with level off once they've been open for a while, but be prepared for everyone in the joint to cheer your arrival as you open the door and step into Guu Izakaya and then continue to cheer - in Japan... [...]


Thanksgiving Day Menu

Posted by City Girl Chicago under Top Foodie Blog
[via]This year I'm hosting my first Thanksgiving.  It's not huge by any standards, seven people total, but I think that still warrants a full turkey dinner, complete with all the sides and flourishes, yes?I've started to conjure up a menu for the ... [...]


Thanksgiving Recipes: Warm Pumpkin Pie Cocktails

Posted by Down Home Foodie under Top Foodie Blog
This cocktail is a like warm, melted pumpkin ice-cream with a bourbon kicker.   The idea for this cocktail came about because of a comment I posted on a Huffington Post article on bourbon.  In a post reply, someone passed along a rec... [...]


Dia de los Muertos Dinner

Posted by Bianca Garcia under Restaurants, Top Foodie Blog
November 1 was Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. It is a Mexican holiday celebrated throughout Mexico and around the world, a day to honor family and friends who have passed away. In the Philippines, we celebrate the Catholic holiday of Todos los Santos, or All Saints' Day. [...]


Spirits in Black: Hallow’s Eve Edition

Posted by Laura under Top Foodie Blog
As if your Halloween weekend couldn’t get any more jam-packed, be sure to clear out some time on Sunday (the real Hallow’s Eve) for Spirits in Black at American Ice Co. Darkness, metal and well, spirits (of the drinkable sort) are in full effect at American Ice Co.’s monthly cocktail night, Spirits in Black. This monthly [...]


Boston: Cambridge: Russell House Tavern

Posted by Arielle under Top Foodie Blog
Russell House Tavern is one of my favorite restaurants in the Boston area.  I've been recommending it to tons of people, and it's about damn time I get a review up here. Executive Chef Scelfo says, " does not have to be pretentious." My thoughts... [...]


Colt & Gray

Posted by therockymountainoyster under Top Foodie Blog
Before ever even visiting the restaurant, the husband and wife owners of Colt & Gray were my heroes. A few years ago, they quit their "day jobs" to pursue their dream of opening a restaurant. Their impressive story, plus a million glowing reviews a... [...]


Boston Food Bloggers Party

Posted by traveleatlove under Food, Top Foodie Blog
As you probably know, especially if you live in the Boston area, Boston has a LOT of food bloggers, and we get together often at a variety of food and drink events. The Boston food blogging community is definitely one of the main reasons I blog. From work opportunities to running buddies to great friends, [...]