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We will fully admit that we are not winos and cannot claim too much expertise in that department. We do, however, enjoy trying new varieties and going to tastings at vineyards, but when it comes to choosing the right bottle at a restaurant to pair with a dish, consider us clueless… which is where the [...]


A Return to Palena Cafe

Posted by Brett under Top Foodie Blog
While we have written about Palena Café in the past, I felt that it deserved another post since this was the first time the two of us have dined there in years. [...]



Posted by Kim under Top Foodie Blog
Plaudits: None Neighborhood: Cleveland Park The Setup Desperately needing a catch-up, Official Friend of DCWD Juli and I met up for dinner at Lavandou. The Vibe Lavandou is a tiny restaurant that tries its best to transport you to the French count... [...]

We'd previously reviewed Tackle Box in its original spot in Georgetown next to Hook. We were on hand for the opening of the Cleveland Park location. So here's a short "first look" at what's the same and what's different. On hand for this occasion we... [...]


First Look: Tackle Box Cleveland Park

Posted by Brett under Top Foodie Blog
After years of vacancy at the former McDonald's space, Tackle Box finally opened its doors yesterday. Between this and Medium Rare, new life has been injected into the Cleveland Park dining scene. [...]



Posted by Kim under Top Foodie Blog
Plaudits: NoneNeighborhood: U Street, Dupont Circle, Cleveland ParkThe SetupFresh off another house viewing, Official Friends of DCWD Talia and Rajistan wanted to have another roommate bonding session, but this time on the cheaper side. So we headed o... [...]