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Creating those special moments for your child, niece, nephew or grandchild are rare, a moment they always remember, look back and treasure the special time shared with you.  It is with that in mind that I write about Maja’s Kitchen Gingerbr... [...]


Kinder happy Hippos!!!

Posted by nomnomnom under Top Foodie Blog
Whoopiee! I want to share with you one of our favourite treats...We all have a favorite candy or chocolate that we all remember with fondness - whether its from your childhood, or linked to a warm fuzzy inducing memory... and we all secretly search for... [...]


Chocolate For Motivation?

Posted by Christina under Top Foodie Blog
Reasons some people go to the gym: to maintain a good physique to lower cholesterol/blood pressure to lose weight Reasons I go to the gym: for my health to stare at men pumping iron to increase my baby muscles to eat more Thank goodness I actual... [...]


Katy Perry’s Candy Button Dress and more

Posted by diningdish under Top Foodie Blog
Thinking Halloween costume for you and the kids?  Check out Sweets From Heaven in Arundel Mills. This little slice of sugar heaven offers over 500 varieties of candy including bulk candies, chocolates, confections, toy novelties, old fashione... [...]



Food Nostalgia

Posted by Christina under Top Foodie Blog
So this morning, I randomly woke up at 6:47 a.m. It is very unlike me to wake up before my alarm clock, so instead of groaning about it, I took advantage of the situation. It was pointless to stay in bed, and because I skipped my workout Tuesday night ... [...]


What I’m Loving Wednesday Version 9.0

Posted by Christina under Top Foodie Blog
9 is my favorite number! 1. On the way up to VA last weekend, I read this little blurb in Food Network magazine: Bring on the Halloween candy!! 2. I went down to the cafeteria at work and asked for a side of pickles. The incredibly awesome man in the d... [...]

A couple weeks ago, Charlie Magazine featured a story on Sweeteeth Chocolate, a local company that produces high-quality chocolates and bon bons with unique flavor pairings. All of their products are made by hand and do not contain any preservatives. S... [...]


L’Atelier des Chefs, Paris: Les secrets de la confiserie

Posted by Mardi@eatlivetravelwrite under Top Foodie Blog
Many of you know that when I was in Paris this summer, I took advantage of having a couple of weeks to occupy myself filled this time with some macaron-making classes.  Since I (rightly) figured I might have macaron fatigue after a few classes (and, errr, a number of macaron-tasting sessions!), I also signed up [...]

Happy Monday!  It's that time again, Secret Recipe Club reveal!What is Secret Recipe Club?  Well, it's the brainchild of Amanda from Amanda's Cookin'.  You are assigned a "secret" blog to cook one dish from and post on the given reveal d... [...]



Posted by Mardi@eatlivetravelwrite under Top Foodie Blog
What is PongkyParty?  Well it comes out of the PongkyPlate that I picked up in Chinatown in Toronto when Ethan and I met Melissa who was in town for a conference, for dinner.  Ethan and I did a little prop shopping in Chinatown before dinner and decided to bring Melissa the most ridiculous prop we [...]