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The breakfast I had this past Tuesday was the best I’ve had in a while. It was quite simply outstanding. What made it so gush-worthy? Lots… Keep reading… A couple of y’all have mentioned this place to us on Twitter and Facebook, and as it turns out, I already knew about this place, just not [...]


Jane – The Best French Toast in NYC

Posted by Fritos and Foie Gras under Top Foodie Blog
If you head to Jane for brunch, you need a reservation. I am not joking, this is not a test. You must have reservations, and even if you do, you might wait a little bit. Not long, just about 10 minutes. Not going to lie, the wait got under my skin... [...]


Vinoteca di Monica’s Sunday Brunch

Posted by Daisy under Top Foodie Blog
Brunching within the confines of the North End is a rare commodity. There are plenty of casual counter spots to grab a bagel and a coffee to go, or caffes to sit with a frothy cappuccino and a pastry, but to enjoy a leisurely mid morning meal of eggs, ... [...]


Homestyle Cooking

Posted by Cheapeats under Top Foodie Blog
On a recent afternoon fighting a traffic ticket and WINNING…I decided to treat myself to lunch. I started walking uptown and before I knew it, I was in Tribeca. Mmmm, with all the options here, where should I go? My belly led me to an Oldie but a Goodie….Kitchenette. Kitchenette is a 50′s style luncheonette in the [...]


Reflect Social Dining + Lounge

Posted by pennyandrusty under Food, Top Foodie Blog
The Sunday Brunch at Reflect Social Dining + Lounge is one of our favourites for the sheer amount of variety that you get with your meal.  The price is a bit expensive at $32.95 per person but it does include champagne mimosas.  If you can get past the horrors of parking at Crystal Mall, you [...]


Heavenly Eggs in Purgatory

Posted by Fritos and Foie Gras under Top Foodie Blog
There are few things more wonderful than a poached egg. Indeed, a recent one I had made me go all Proustian on you. But, while sometimes a poached egg is all that you want - comforting, rich, delicious with a buttered English muffin - sometimes, you ne... [...]


Bakin’ & Eggs

Posted by Jeff under Top Foodie Blog
Location: 3120 N Lincoln Cost: Around $15 per person My roommates girlfriend Rachel was in town the other weekend. Most of her family reads JEC pretty avidly, and they were generous enough to take out the whole apartment to brunch. Ricky had his eyes... [...]

Located in Oakland near Jack London Park, the former brothel was transformed into a Tim Burton-like haunted house/circus during Halloween.  The inside was cluttered, and there was still the old fashion 1920's brothel feel to it.  There were t... [...]


Pierre Michel French Bakery

Posted by therockymountainoyster under Top Foodie Blog
Hidden just under my nose after all these years in the suburbs is Pierre Michel, an organic French bakery located in Highlands Ranch. Pierre Michel lies in a very small space at the end of a Highlands Ranch strip mall, and stands out from its neighbors... [...]

Rating Service 8/10, Food 8.5/10For a family brunch, we head to The Pointe, a restaurant tucked inside the quaint and award winning Wickaninnish Inn - it not only provides a panoramic view of the ocean, they use only locally sourced ingredients from Vi... [...]