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The breakfast I had this past Tuesday was the best I’ve had in a while. It was quite simply outstanding. What made it so gush-worthy? Lots… Keep reading… A couple of y’all have mentioned this place to us on Twitter and Facebook, and as it turns out, I already knew about this place, just not [...]


Savory Sausage Cheese Muffins

Posted by Gidget Eats under Top Foodie Blog
The way I see it, everyone should get exactly what they want on their birthday. Well, within reason of course. No tie-dyed ponies or 16-year-olds getting a 2012 Range Rover, that would just be ludicrous. My excitement for birthdays is no secret. This past year I managed to rack up a list of ten posts [...]


Artist’s Cookbook-Coffee Cake Muffins by Rah Rah

Posted by Tender Branson under Top Foodie Blog
With live shows that feature confetti cannons, pinatas and candy, Canadian indie rock outfit Rah Rah is no stranger to the world of sacchariferous craftmanship. They are a group of six friends that perform hauntingly poetic indie pop layered behind stories of stockbrokers, sea monsters and impressionist painters. The result is a dramatic expression that [...]


Jane – The Best French Toast in NYC

Posted by Fritos and Foie Gras under Top Foodie Blog
If you head to Jane for brunch, you need a reservation. I am not joking, this is not a test. You must have reservations, and even if you do, you might wait a little bit. Not long, just about 10 minutes. Not going to lie, the wait got under my skin... [...]


Cornerstone Cuisine

Posted by Amy under Top Foodie Blog
102 Oak Street Hood River, OR 800- 386-1859 Cornerstone Cuisine When we were in Hood River we stayed at the Hood River Hotel. I love this place because it’s right in the heart of all that’s happening. You can hit wineries or breweries and not have to drive home. Or just eat well and waddle [...]


Lunch Blog in the UK, Part 2: Café Rouge

Posted by Robert under Top Foodie Blog
"Hey brother, can you spare some change for a down payment on a croissant?”Since it’s right by the London Underground station, Chris and I stopped at Café Rouge on Tottenham Court Road for breakfast. My croque madame was tasty. I also had a r... [...]


Cinnamon-Banana-Granola Pancakes

Posted by The Small Boston Kitchen under Top Foodie Blog
I like to make pancakes about once or twice a year. This isn't for any particular reason, I just don't usually crave sweet things first thing in the morning, but because we happened to have a giant jug of maple syrup just patiently sitting in our ... [...]


Homestyle Cooking

Posted by Cheapeats under Top Foodie Blog
On a recent afternoon fighting a traffic ticket and WINNING…I decided to treat myself to lunch. I started walking uptown and before I knew it, I was in Tribeca. Mmmm, with all the options here, where should I go? My belly led me to an Oldie but a Goodie….Kitchenette. Kitchenette is a 50′s style luncheonette in the [...]

Thanksgiving is in just over a week! That’s almost hard to believe! Have you thought about what food you’re going to cook for your guests, or what dish you’re going to take to the family gathering? If you haven’t, or even if you have and foresee yourself having a hard time actually making something, no [...]


Reflect Social Dining + Lounge

Posted by pennyandrusty under Food, Top Foodie Blog
The Sunday Brunch at Reflect Social Dining + Lounge is one of our favourites for the sheer amount of variety that you get with your meal.  The price is a bit expensive at $32.95 per person but it does include champagne mimosas.  If you can get past the horrors of parking at Crystal Mall, you [...]