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Rick’s Roadhouse: More than just BBQ

Posted by Chris under Food, Top Foodie Blog
I think it’s pretty safe to say you can count all of the good BBQ joints in Rhode Island on one, maybe two hands. Now, it’s not a knock on the way we dig on swine, but we’re more known … Continue reading [...]


Chicago Q

Posted by Jeff under Top Foodie Blog
Location: 1160 N Dearborn Cost: About $25 per person It may be pretty clear to you guys that there are some recurring "characters" so to speak on JEC. After reading a few of my posts, my friend Ashley realized she's related to one of them, Dr. Keith... [...]


New York Food And Wine Festival

Posted by Cheapeats under Top Foodie Blog
You would think that Cheapeats would be a regular at the  NY Food &Wine Festival, but I’m embarassed to say that 2011 was my first time. The event I attended – BUBBLES & Q. The Q in this BBQ was prepared by the female grill master Elizabeth Karmel of Hill Country with bubbles chosen by Mark Oldman. Now bubbles [...]


Barn & Company

Posted by Jeff under Top Foodie Blog
Location: 950 W Wrightwood Cost: About $25 per person My roommate Specs loves to walk. He's always going on about how people are lazy and don't walk nearly as much as they should. For instance, our other roommate Ricky and him were going to dinner a... [...]


Des Moines: Woody’s Smoke Shack

Posted by Marilyn Wolf under Top Foodie Blog
I've spied Woody's on my last few trips to Des Moines. Mom and I finally made it. It's not too far from Drake in a smallish old storefront. The decor is Texas-centric but the BBQ is pork-centric.I tried the rib plate with my standard sides of beans ... [...]



Highlands Smokehouse

Posted by Cat under Top Foodie Blog
We stopped for lunch at Highlands Smokehouse.  We were on our way to Glen Falls and decided to eat lunch before hiking the trails.   For an appetizer, we decided to split a bowl of Brunswick stew. Best thing we ate here.  It had just a hint of spice along with some meat and lots of [...]

Pampa's Picanha
Rating Service 8/10 Food 8/10
For a girlfriend's birthday, we gathered up the meatatarians amongst us and headed to the dimly lit, decorated in warm reds with dark tables and white linens Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse for dinner. Similar to lunch, you have full access to [...]



Posted by Cat under Top Foodie Blog
On our way up to North Carolina to see the autumn leaves, we stopped for the night in Athens, Georgia and ate dinner at Rafferty’s.  We missed the entrance to the restaurant twice as there’s only one way in and out.  For a chain restaurant, the food was pretty good.  We started off with some [...]


Bronco Belle (Brentwood Mall)

Posted by pennyandrusty under Food, Top Foodie Blog
Bronco Belle in Brentwood Mall serves up a lot of different grilled meats including beef, chicken, bison, wild boar, kangaroo, and camel… Really?  Camel??  Despite my curiosity, we went with the BBQ Chicken Sticks Plate that comes with rice and salad. The chicken was okay but the skewers that we had at GoodAh Grill in Richmond [...]