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Power Lunch: Our Dish with Leigh Reeves

Posted by Eat Jxn under Food, Top Foodie Blog
For this month's Power Lunch, we grabbed Leigh Reeves for some food and conversation! With Mistletoe Marketplace right around the corner, we hoped Leigh could tell us a little about this year's event! But we also got a surprise healthy tip from Leigh, too. [...]


Spooky Halloween Treat

Posted by mamachef under Default, Top Foodie Blog
Who says you have to serve candy corn at your next Halloween bash? Posh up your party with these sushi inspired, sinfully delicious Nori Bat hors d’oeuvres… A perfect bite of velvety avocado puree stuffed inside crisp nori and topped with a... [...]


Black Bean Company and More Downtown Running

Posted by Christina under Top Foodie Blog
I spent the night with Mariah on Saturday night after a somewhat tame evening downtown. I spent my third weekend at The Macintosh. Still obsessed with this new bar. Mariah was housesitting on John’s Island, so on Sunday we decided to take advantage o... [...]

The highlights… Friday: Exhausted from this week’s workouts, I jumped on the opportunity to take Body Flow for the first time. Body Flow = Yoga, Tai Chi, and Pilates. Body Flow is supposed leave you feeling “centered and calm.” I don’t know t... [...]


Corn Salsa

Posted by kitchenmisfit under Top Foodie Blog
  …And just like that I’m into Week 3 of Graduate School. It feels like only yesterday that I was nervously awaiting my acceptance letter and really committing to changing the path my life was taking. Right now it feels like life is moving at a million miles an hour. I can already feel the [...]


Scallops with Honeydew-Avocado Salsa

Posted by Peggy under Top Foodie Blog
Lately I've been overwhelmed with emotions.  I mean, in exactly one week, I'll be an official student in Sullivan University's Culinary Arts program.  I'm scared.  Scared that I won't be good enough.  Excited. Excited that I'm takin... [...]


Zest to Impressed

Posted by Cuisine Queen under Top Foodie Blog
Even though summer is over and fall menus are hitting all the restaurants I find myself  holding on to those delicious summer flavors. The other day after making cookies I decided that I wanted to whip one last light summery dinner. I thought about all my favorite summer fruits and vegetables and what would make [...]

Have you ever had one of those days where it all starts out so wonderful, everything is going just perfectly and then it feels like someone rips the rug out from under you?  You know the feeling... waking up to a tasty breakfast followed by a nice ... [...]

For my second month involvement in Amanda's Secret Recipe Club (where one receives an assigned blog to secretly write about) I eagerly anticipated my assignment email.  Would I bake?  Would I grill?  With our 3 weeks of on and off vacation complete... [...]


Langoustine and Avocado Ceviche

Posted by Angela FRS under Top Foodie Blog
Ceviche is one of my absolute favorite meals.  At home I make it with any kind of fresh raw fish, scallops, shrimp, or this version with langoustines.  Ceviche is really a cooking method more than a recipe, in that you are using an acid dress... [...]