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Won $25 at Sashimi Japanese Steakhouse!

Posted by Todd Barron under Top Foodie Blog
I entered into Sashimi’s Gift Certificate giveaway and actually won!  Not only is Sashimi my favorite Japanese Steakhouse in town, but now I have $25 more to spend there. If you like Hibachi or Sushi I suggest going to Maumelle to give them a try.  I eat there every Monday and sometimes even on Thursday [...]


O Ya Grand Omakase Chef’s Tasting

Posted by Daisy under Top Foodie Blog
Preceded by its upstanding reputation and precluded by a hefty price tag; the buzz hasn't let up since it opened in March of 2007, and my desire to visit has only grown stronger all the while. As good fortune combined with a little hard work and dedica... [...]

Tako Cheena, the newest creation of Pom Pom’s Teahouse owner Pom Moongauklang, is finally open! We’d been eagerly awaiting the word on when they’d be ready for business, and on Saturday evening we finally saw the announcement via Facebook. I actually saw the post while I was enjoying a seasonal berry melt at Pom Poms! On Sunday evening [...]


Fusion: The New Asian Place in Town

Posted by Eat Jxn under Top Foodie Blog
I heard a lot of chatter about Fusion on Twitter when it first opened a couple of months ago. Fusion is a new Thai and Japanese place in Flowood off of Lakeland Drive (in the old Fazoli’s building.) It was clear that I needed to pay them a visit really soon because of all the [...]


Mt Fuji Japanese Restaurant, Little Rock

Posted by Todd Barron under Top Foodie Blog
By Todd Barron @ FoodieCuisine.com Mt. Fuji Japanese restaurant has been in Little Rock for many years.  I used to go there as a teenager and was first introduced to sushi while enjoying their bento box lunches. At the time, the lunch was quite expensive given my buying power, but I really enjoyed their terriyaki [...]


Three Courses That Changed My Life

Posted by Eat Jxn under Top Foodie Blog
  Pan Asia hosted an event over the weekend of July 23 that I HOPE will happen again really soon! They brought in Chef Keith Kornfeld to prepare a special two-day-only menu. Chef Kornfeld is from New Orleans, but his passion is preparing Thai food. His adorable wife Yui is Thai, so that probably has [...]


Tycoon, Beef Pho in Memphis

Posted by Todd Barron under Top Foodie Blog
By Todd Barron @ FoodieCuisine.com We only have an hour before the client meeting and everyone is hungry.  Someone in the group says “I know where we can go” and we follow them into a strip-mall parking lot.  The place, Tycoon, does not look amazing from the outside as it has a non-discreet sign and [...]


Wagamama Wants to Feed You

Posted by Daisy under Top Foodie Blog
The first Wagamama opened its doors in London in 1992 and in the twelve years since has expanded to open over 70 restaurants in the UK and 36 more in Europe, USA, Australia and The Middle East. Their reasonably priced fresh food in a sleek yet inform... [...]


Most Unusual Foods in the World #7: Caviar of the East

Posted by Melody Campbell under Food, Unusual Food
How much are you willing to spend on one bowl of soup? $5? $10? How about $100? And what if you found that this expensive meal was made of a bird’ s nest? This strange food item, called bird’ s nest soup and considered a delicacy in most parts of Asia (The Chinese name for bird’s nest soup, [...]

Vegetable Chow MeinChow Mein is a Chinese term for noodles stir-fried with anything – meat, vegetables etc.  The noodles used can be egg noodles, bean noodles – either fried or steamed or cooked in boiling water. Various different combinations of vegetables, sprouts, meat and sauces can [...]