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National News

Our neighbors up north are hosting a Poutine Festival in Vancouver, Canada this weekend. The festival is supposed to act as a grassroots way to lessen the cultural tension with Quebec and its English speaking counterparts . This just goes to show that you don’t throw a poutine festival to eat poutine, you throw one to unite a whole nation.

UK’s Long Lawson Creamery is selling a 100 gram slice of Stilton cheese for $95 or $429.50 for a pound exclusively for the holidays. The hefty price tag is from the Stilton being covered in a copious amount of gold flakes. So whether you’ve been naughty or nice, that’s still a ridiculously expensive small wedge of cheese!

Congress wants to make pizza count as a vegetable serving in school cafeterias. However, in order for it to count as a vegetable, the pizza must contain at least half a cup of tomato sauce to qualify. That’s as good as of idea when they tried to pass ketchup as a vegetable back in the 80s…

William Shatner wants to know how you’re going to keep him safe from a “turkey fryer fire” (say that five times fast) this holiday in an awesomely bad video. Spoiler alert: William Shatner whispers “where’s the dingle dangle” before he is caught on “fire.” It made us giggle a little bit.

News From Around the Restauranteers Way

Jason Larkin, Hillary Clinton’s chef recently did a tasting at Treveri Cellars in Yakima, and was so tickled by the bubbly it will now be served at all holiday state dinners at the White House. This is the first time that the White House has served a non-California wine since its decision to only serve domestic sparkling wine. As a proud Washingtonian, not to too our own horn but… toot! [Seattle]

Slow Food Phoenix is hosting a contest to find its newest catch phrases in which the winner will receive their slogan on an upcoming t-shirt. The slogan must incorporate Slow Food’s current mission — “love and mission of good, clean, fair food.” Cue “and all I got was this lousy t-shirt” catch phrase. [Phoenix]

IHOP is revamping its image from the after-a-long-night-of-drinking-with-friends go-to spot to an express eatery where customers are essentially self-served. IHOP 2.0 is designed to have patrons in and out within half the time they would at a normal IHOP which means, instead of waiting for a “really long time,” you will only have to wait just a “long time.” [San Diego]

New Restaurant Openings

Bluebird Microcreamer (Fremont)
Heidelberg Haus (Ravenna)
Cactus (South Lake Union)
Ship Canal Grill (Eastlake)
Hitchcock Deli & Charcuterie (Bainbridge Island)

Restaurant Closings

Beehive Bakery (Central District)
The Mercantile at Local 360 (Belltown)
Galerias (pending fire- Capitol Hill)

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