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National News

If there’s ever a foot-in-mouth moment, well here it is: While participating on Times Magazine Person of the Year panel, Mario Batali compared the bankers to “Stalin or Hitler and the evil guys.” The public (and the many bankers who often eat at Batali’s restaurants) were so quick to respond on Twitter the kerfuffle has now been dubbed #bataligate.

Drinks International recently released its list of the World’s 50 Best Bars of 2011. From New York to Dubai, it just goes to show it’s always happy hour somewhere.

A Manhattan lawyer is suing an exclusive downtown spa and gym for $500,000 because of the declining quality of the complimentary breakfast served there. Hmm, how do we put this in a couple of words? Occupy. Wall Street.

The rumors are true: Starbucks will be putting its multi-billion dollar claws on the  health and wellness industry by acquiring premium juice brand Evolution Fresh. The cost of health and wellness? $30 million… in cash!

A new study reveals that people tend to chose over-sized portions of food and drink when they feel a lack of power and status, as they equate the large portions to higher social statuses. Looks like those fearing a mid-life crisis will now be trading their red convertibles in for a Trenta coffee or a triple patty burger.

News From Around the Restauranteers Way

The Seattle PI has put together a list of 40 businesses offering massive discounts, in addition to free lunches, dinners, treats, and the like to our veterans today. From everyone at Restauranteers, we thank the Veterans who served our country. [Seattle]

Phoenix is on official “Prince Harry Watch 2011″ and has listed the top 5 places to spot a prince. He will be that one red haired guy with toting a British accent with a boat load of security around him. Ah, there he is! [Phoenix]

U.S. Small Business Administration has started a tour to bring advice to the young and unemployed: stop sending out resumes and start your own business. Starting in San Diego, the SBA puts a focus to capitalize on the local food movement. #occupyrestaurants [San Diego]

Starting Monday, Nov 14th, Trophy Cupcakes will open up a pop-up shop in Pacific Place serving candy yam and chocolate candy cane-flavored cakes just for the holidays. The saying must be true– every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings a cupcake. [Seattle]

New Restaurant Openings

Pinky’s Kitchen (Food Truck – Wallingford)
Whistle Stop Co-Op (Othello)

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