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National News

Two men were sent to the hospital after a curry eating contest at Kismot Restaurant.The men took turns eating spoonfuls of the restaurant’s “Killer” curry, each one increasingly spicier than the last and made with the hottest pepper in Edinburgh. Their symptoms — stomach pains, vomiting and acid indigestion. The men took 2nd and 5th place. Well fellas, you didn’t win but you sure took home one hell-of-a booby prize.

Kohl-Strauss Media group is under public scrutiny for discussing mass layoffs of their employees due to the economic climate while dining over a $150 tasting menu consisting of foie gras and multiple bottles of fine aged wine. Maybe next time they can solve the international hunger crisis while flying private air, drinking champagne out of golden goblets, while adjusting their diamond-encrusted monocles.

A new study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology found that women consume an average of 112 less calories when they eat meals with men versus when they eat with women. So if I go out to eat with 10 men, does that mean I will consume 1120 less calories? Yes, I would like two fries, a burger, a strawberry milkshake and 10 male companions on the side, thanks!

Lunch Break: Check out this surprising video of a Chimpanzee in Japan grilling a whole fish. As the old adage goes, “give a man a fish, you feed him for a day…” and if you give a chimpanzee a fish, he will apparently light a fire, grill and flip the fish for you, and eat it with chopsticks.

News From Around the Restauranteers Way

Real Mex Restaurants Inc. owner of chain restaurants Acapulco, El Torito and Chevys Fresh Mex has been approved to receive $25 million to help operations while in bankruptcy. The good news is — look at all this money they could save by switching to Geico. [San Diego]

The Pink Door is honoring National Breast Cancer Awareness month with a $10 pink lemonade and vodka cocktail whose sales will benefit the Young Survival Coalition. We’ll drink to that! [Seattle]

Seattle is in a frenzy over Canlis’ latest teaser to find keys to open its restaurant doors for one night of VIP dining on the house! Be vewy vewy quiet, we’re hunting wabbits Canlis keys… [Seattle]

The Sacramento International Airport may be the newest dining hot spot in town with the recent opening of Central Terminal B, a $1 billion project that features only local food vendors and restaurants. The new terminal is so highly coveted, people are buying tickets to just get into the terminal alone and not actually flying out. Really.[Sacramento]

New Restaurant Openings

Marché (previous Campagne space, Pike Place Market)
Altura (Broadway & E Roy)
Bako (E Broadway & E Mercer)
Momiji (12th and Pine)
Umai-Do (Central District)
Milstead & Company (Fremont)
Mezcaleria Oaxaca (Queen Anne)
Table 219 (changing its name to Americana, Capitol Hill)

Restaurant Closings

Bandolero Restaurant & Tequila Bar (Tangletown)
Seattle Burger Company (Ballard)
Bricco (Queen Anne)

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