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In the on-going battle of the bulge, people often feel that keeping that waistline trim means having to eat like a rabbit. And you know what rabbits eat? Carrots. They eat carrots. That’s not what foodies like to hear, especially as we enter this part of the year when the rich fall seasonal foods and holiday meals are on our minds. Having to decide between that love for great food and that love for a great figure is a decision we often toggle back and forth from, with the plumpy devil on one shoulder and the slim angel on the other.

Thanks to the creative minds at design agency, Voltier Creative has put together an infographic on Greatist.com that helps us foodies achieve our fitness goals while still being able to eat what we would like (within reason). The infographic breaks down the best time to consume that healthy portion of protein, fruit, grains, and veggies you long for while your body uses it for fuel.

Source: http://www.greatist.com/health/the-complete-guide-to-workout-nutrition/

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