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The infamous blackboard

The Restaurant: Blackboard Bistro

The Location: Where everybody knows your name (aka West Seattle neighborhood).

Why Seattle Loves It: When you have to read your menu off a blackboard, you’re not being schooled, you’re being eco-friendly (saves paper from printed menus). Not to mention, you’re more aware of the seasonal offerings at Blackboard Bistro, which has a firm mission to cook locally sourced and sustainable food.

People are talking about this West Seattle Restaurant’s tuna tartare with avocado, beets and ginger, a braised lamb with roasted carrots, spinach, potatoes and harissa, and a gnocchi with summer chanterelles, walnuts and smoked tomato sauce to name a few dishes. You may wipe the drool from your mouth now.

One thing to note: what’s on the blackboard today may be an unforgettable dish and the next day, it might be replaced with an even better one. I think that’s what people call a win-win.

Why Restauranteers Loves It: There is something to say about a restaurant that is run by an owner who also plays the duo role as the head chef. There must be a lot of dedication that is poured into a restaurant and the food it serves.

Blackboard Bistro, with its clear emphasis on simplicity and fresh local ingredients, has become a hotspot to those yearning for a melting pot of flavors, a true nod to what makes the idea of an American Bistro come to life. Chef Jacob Wiegner is to thank for that and though Chef Wiegner has some of the finest training in the world under his belt, this place is anything but stuffy. At Blackboard Bistro there are no formal menus; only blackboards lining the walls listing the various dishes of the day, with generous portions made to share. Chef Wiegner encourages you to “experience food together the way people used to” and leave this place with happy stomachs and the feeling of comfort and nostalgia.

The Cherry on Top: Taste the love when you reserve your table at Blackboard Bistro through www.restauranteers.com and get 25% off your entire bill.

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