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National News

A Staten Island man was sentenced to three and a half years in prison for serving oxycodone laced ice cream from his green and white Lickety Split ice cream truck. It was a community open secret that he would sell $20 soft serve with “special sprinkles” of oxycodone. You scream, I scream, we all….zzzzzzz.

Burger King has dethroned its king and will no longer run commercial ads featuring the mascot. Replacing the king will be a focus on its newest item, the California Burger. So are you saying that your strategy to sell burgers is replacing the creepy, oversized-headed king mascot with an actual burger on your menu? Simply, genius.

Actor and one-time 90s pop heart throb, Mark Wahlburg and his brother are set to open up a burger joint in Hingham, Massachusetts. The restaurant will be called “Wahlburger,” although some of us would love a resurgence of the 90s and would not be disappointed if he called it “Marky Mark and the Foodie Bunch.”

A Pennsylvania couple was caught shoplifting $1,000 worth of groceries from a supermarket said to be used for their upcoming wedding reception and are now behind bars. Maybe guests can bake them a wedding cake with a file in it.

New From Around the Restauranteers Way

San Diego launched a new era of food waste composting. It doesn’t sound like a new concept, but the city has been behind in this movement and has pushed for ways to reduce their overall waste. Now those food leftovers that would normally go into the trash will be recycled. Are you going to eat that? [San Diego]

The latest national restaurant trend of “Barcrafts” is being entirely credited to Seattle’s own Chao Bistro. A barcraft, much like a sports bar environment, lets masses of patrons/gamers huddle over TV screens chanting and cheering watching their friends compete in the videogame StarCraft II. That’s so nerdy cool! [Seattle]

Canlis wine director Nelson Daquip shares his worst wine pairing experiment to Eater. He recounts the experience saying, “Imagine chewing on foil, then the sound of nails running across a chalkboard, finishing with a kick to the nuts. That’s what it was like.” Note to self — oysters and Malbec apparently don’t go well together. [Seattle]

The race to be a contestant on Food Network’s Great Food Truck Race will be ending soon. Guess who is in the top 10 so far? Two of Sacramento’s favorite food trucks — Mini Burger and Drewski’s Hot Rod Truck. So keep voting for your favorite, the winner of the Food Network race will get $10,000. Free burgers anyone? [Sacramento]

New Restaurant Openings

The Chieftain (12th & Marion)
JB Garden (Greenwood)

Restaurant Closings

Ipanema Brazillian Grill (1st & University)
Tidbit Bistro (Capitol Hill)
Melt Cafe (Magnolia)
Madison Park Cafe (Madison Park)

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