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National News

Rumors are swirling that Top Chef 9 is filming right now in San Antonio Texas. Pack your knives and go because we’re heading to Texas!

Chef Gordon Ramsay’s debut film raked in £121 on its opening weekend. That’s a whopping $194.40 in the U.S. Talk about your Kitchen Nightmares!

Paula Deen recently tweeted “I have more followers that McDonald’s. I’m lovin’ it, y’all!”  McDonald’s has 146,000 followers; Paula Deen has 429,000 and coincidentally, Butter also has 429,000 followers.

Different bars around the nation are beginning to offer wine on tap as a way to cut costs and be more environmentally friendly. Keg stand anyone?

The topic, ‘Is it really necessary to tip?’ is becoming one heated debate on Yelp. You might be surprised what people are saying, check out the thread to put your two cents in.

Seattle News

Molly Moon’s is celebrating the opening of their new location with a free scoop of ice cream from 3pm to 5pm. The catch? Free scoops are only offered to kids ages 12 and under – ah, I miss my youth…

Seattle International Beer Festival kicks off on Friday. Festival goers can sample over 150 beers from 15 different countries and give new meaning to a classic song “99 bottles of beer on the wall.”

For $800, four Sounders fans can eat and drink unlimited beer and wine while watching the game from the Sounders’ sideline. The program failed to mention for $800, there’s also a chance you might get a soccer ball to the head.

Metro Parks Tacoma has partnered with Subway to offer a free lunch program this summer to low-income children. The program could very well be implemented nationwide as it has reported to feed more than 500 children daily who might otherwise go hungry. We are proud of Metro Parks Tacoma!

Restaurant Openings

Molly Moon’s (1st and Pine)
Pizzeria 22 (West Seattle)

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