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National News

Apparently, it’s “getting real” in the “Whole Foods’ Parking Lot” rap video. The semi-popular parody is grabbing hits on YouTube and is said to be better than Rebecca Black’s “Friday” video. Better than Rebecca Black? Now I’ve seen it all!

Esquire’s Eat Like a Man: The Only Cookbook a Man Will Ever Need is this year’s trending Father’s Day gift. With 75 recipes from top chefs like Tom Colicchio and David Chang, what does eating like a man really entail? Well according to the book, not a single salad recipe in site and plenty of dishes that center around meat. Now let’s drink some beer and go hammer up some dry wall!

Ben & Jerry’s rumored upcoming flavor is inspired by a Saturday Night Live sketch featuring Alec Baldwin. The flavor is dubbed “Schweddy Balls” but hopefully this ice cream won’t taste like the meatballs the name refers to. I scream, you scream, we all scream for meat flavored ice cream?

Not to add insult to injury following the Dallas Maverick’s big win over the Miami Heat, but a Cleveland deli has. A sandwich name after Lebron James entitled “The King Size Corned Beef Sandwich” will now be called “The Dirk Nowitzki Corned Beef Sandwich” from here on out. Well, you win some, and sometimes you lose…a sandwich (and an NBA championship)!

FoodTube is the newest sensation that lets anyone (and they literally mean anyone) with a camcorder and a love for food, broadcast their own cooking clips. It guarantees just as much craziness like FoodTube fan favorite “My Drunk Kitchen” spitting out one liners like “Who puts the butt in butter knife?” Can’t say that I know the answer but I am definitely curious!

Seattle News

The Fremont Solstice Parade and Fair is this weekend. The summer celebration will include local beers, fine wines, yummy foods, and painted nudes!

White Center’s Big Al Brewing will be the first brewery in Washington to use solar thermal energy to heat the water for its brews. Not only will they be saving money on natural gas but will also begin double-brewing. More money and more beers, while being environmentally friendly?! Just living the dream right Big Al? Just living the dream.

The food blogger and food lover event of the year, Foodportunity took place on Monday at Tom Douglas’ Palace Ballroom. The event brings everyone in the local food community to eat, drink, and be merry! Foodportunity or did they mean what should be Sunday through Saturday?

Restaurant Openings

RN74 (4th & Union)
Samurai Noodle (Capitol Hill)
Rabbit Hole (Belltown)
Kelly O’Briens (Ballard)
Artusi (Capitol Hill)

Restaurant Closings

Marie Calender (North Seattle)
Don Eduardo’s (U-District)
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