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The All-American winner.

Restauranteers love trying new foods – but what foods count as ‘new’? What is new to one person is common to someone else. Vegemite is common in England but extremely hard to find in America.

But if defining rare foods is difficult, defining common foods is almost too easy. Numerous surveys have been done that attempt to determine the most common foods ordered in restaurants. They all come to very similar conclusions. Here are the top seven foods ordered when people go out to eat:

7: Side dish salad

A healthy choice and a nice compliment to a meal.

6: Vegetables

This is perhaps a little surprising. Vegetables often come with a meal, but do people actually order them that often? Apparently they do.

5: Fish and Seafood

It is nice to see this staple of the Northwest on the top list across the country, but be a little wary: It is only by combining sushi, fresh fish, and all forms of seafood did it make the Top Ten – and then it only just barely broke the top five. The other foods in the top five are far more specific, beginning with…

4: Pizza

Slices. Pies. Sit down. Take out. Delivery. I haven’t seen the numbers but I would be surprised if pizza did not hit the top ten based on Superbowl weekend alone.

3: Mexican Food

Mexican food can be very unhealthy, but there are ways to enjoy it without that greasy feeling you sometimes get afterwards. Check out Restauranteers very first post for some tips.

2: French Fries

Side salad in the top seven is looking a lot less impressive now…

And the #1 food ordered in restaurants:

1: Burgers

It seems the sensation McDonalds started mid-century is still with us.

So if you want to be a unique diner, now you at least know what to avoid.

Although there are days when even the most adventurous will enjoy a good burger.

CC image courtesy of  Pink Sherbet Photography

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