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Fruit or vegetable?

A few weeks ago, we told you how your favorite soup predicts your personality. Now we are going to go one step further. Just by knowing if you prefer vegetables or fruit we will try to say a few more things about you.

This time we are going to do it in reverse. For each of the pairs of statements below choose the one that you most closely identify with. Then go to the comments section and total your score to see if we identify you as a vegetable or a fruit lover (decide which you are before you get that far – just to be fair).

Here are the statement pairs:

(1) Do you…

a. Like to try new recipes and entertain at home; or

b. Avoid new recipes and entertaining

(2) Do you…

a. Often eat dessert with dinner; or

b. Enjoy an occasional glass of red wine with dinner

(3) Do you…

a. Enjoy spicy foods; or

b. Enjoy an occasional candy bar

(4) Do you…

a. Spend little time cooking; or

b. Think you cook nutritiously

Check your score below in the comments section. When you’ve finished scoring yourself put your results as a new comment and tell us whether you think you are a vegetable or a fruit person.

CC image courtesy of epSos.de on flickr

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  1. Dinah 2-15-2011 at 4:53 pm

    Give yourself points as follows (from zero to four):
    (1) A. 1 point
    (2) B. 1 point
    (3) A. 1 point
    (4) B. 1 point

    If you have four points you are almost certainly a vegetable person. If you have zero points you are likely a fruit person. 1-3 points puts you somewhere in between.
    Where did you end up? Do you think it is accurate?

  2. cb 2-16-2011 at 8:59 am

    I scored 2 which puts me slap in the middle…which is exactly where I should be. Love them all!

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